Lilies and Roses

The lavish dining room was heavily decorated with sparkling gems and diamonds. The massive table, which I thought to be stone, had ruby gems embedded into it. A feast of various meats, cheeses and sweet fruit lie in front of me. “My dear Proserpine, you must be ravenous after our journey!” I nervously look at Pluto, standing tall with his dark hair and dark eyes as he enters the dining room. He approaches the head of the table, and leans dangerously close to me. “Aren’t you hungry?” He asked. Continue reading “Lilies and Roses”



I cannot

And will not

Have any Respect

For someone who doesn’t

Respect anyone or anything

I cannot

And will not

Have any Kindness

For someone who

Has a façade of Warmth

And Friendliness hiding

The Greed, the Selfishness, the Hate

I refuse to fall into an unending spiral of Hate and  Despair.


Dinner At Jenny’s

Sighing happily, I look upon the pot of greasy, liquidly macaroni and cheese that I made by myself, and without the house burning down this time! Scanning the counters, I quickly grab the small, plastic bottle of black pepper, and carefully screw the top off. “Jenny’s going to be so proud of me!” I grin as I pour the pepper into the mac’n’cheese, Continue reading “Dinner At Jenny’s”

Birds of A Feather Flock Together

via Daily Prompt: Distant

“Donny…are you okay?” Anya’s concerned gaze burned through Donny’s back. He scoffs and turns to look at his older sister. “Of course I’m okay Anya. How can you even ask that? Our sister just left us, just like Dad!” His dark brown eyes glare harshly at Anya, who flinches, her equally dark eyes moving to the floor. Continue reading “Birds of A Feather Flock Together”