Outcast (Chapter One) ‘Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Dumbest of Them All? (Discontinued until further notice)


Okami – Japanese for wolf

Daidokoro – Japanese for kitchen

Doryo – Japanese for coworker

Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu – Japanese for ‘I love you’

Watashi wa anata o aishiteimatsu, Akachan Okami. – Japanese for ‘I love you, baby wolf’

Miso soup – traditional Japanese soup

Dango – Popular Japanese dessert (rice cake balls)

Wolves are my favorite animal. They run so swiftly, and they’re exceptionally cunning and nimble as they stalk and slaughter their prey. They simply were amazing creatures. However, okami do not reside often in Deveroux, Florida, even though there are very few houses where I live, surrounded by thick woods. I personally love the woods, andthe general calming silence around my neighborhood. My mother had picked the perfect place to live. I look out the window from my perch on the brown cotton couch, and smile as I think about my mom, standing rather short at 5’0, with gentle, loving brown eyes, skin the color of caramel, and short, brown choppy hair. She always has a gorgeous smile on her face. “Anastelle? I’m home from work! I want to talk to you about something!” I grin joyously as I hear the front door open and close, but immediately frown. Instead of the soft, honey-like voice I usually hear my mom use, she instead sounds serious, and tired. “Please come in the daidokoro, ‘Stelle.” I lean off the couch and quickly make my way to the kitchen. As I leave the living room and enter the dining room connected to the kitchen, but separated with a wall, I hear her talking to someone-a guy. I smile softly as I enter the kitchen, my hazel eyes darting between my mom and the random guy. He’s very tall, maybe 6’2, and has choppy black hair and electric blue eyes that contrast with his copper-colored skin. He wears a worn pair of jeans, and a green t-shirt that shows of his sinewy muscles. He smiles brightly as I walk in. “Welcome back mom! How was work?” I pick some imaginary lint off my jeans and black T-shirt as I nervously anticipate her answer. She’s usually so calm and happy…and now she looks very serious. “Anastelle, this is Sinuhe. He’s…one of my doryo.” She smiles that million dollar smile back at me, but her eyes are tired, and full of pain; she still looks absolutely stunning though. Her black sundress looks really cute on her, and so do her white pumps. She never wears makeup, but I’m glad she doesn’t. She’s beautiful just the way she is, makeup would just make her look fake. I turn to Sinuhe and put my hand out. “Nice to meet you.” I smile softly, and wonder how such a gorgeous specimen could exist-I mean look at him! “Good Evening Anastelle! Your mother has told me so much about you. Maybe we can train- “

“Sinuhe is going to stay with us for a few days, I expect you to be nice to him, do you understand?” She glares at Sinuhe, who looks at her funny then flinches. I frown. Now I know something is going on for sure. Mom is so polite! She never cuts people off when they’re talking! And furthermore, he looks a bit too young to be on the police force. “Mom, why is he staying with us? He doesn’t have anywhere else t’ go? And why are you acting weird?” My eyes widen. Oh. Good lord, why do I always, always blurt out my thoughts?! “Oh. Oh gawd I’m so sorry Ididn’tmeantodothatitjusthappenssometimes- “I feel my cheeks burn crimson as I cover my face in embarrassment. “ Fantastic! Your first time meeting someone and you screw it up. Nice going Anastelle.” I mutter as Sinuhe lets out deep, booming laughing. I peek through my fingers at mom and see her smile, a real one, and smile back. At least my bad habit made her happy. I sigh as Sinuhe calms down, still grinning. He puts his hands on his hips as he starts speaking. “I will be here for only a few days, for business, three at the most. As your mom said, we’re coworkers, so we’ll be working together on a project. Isn’t that right Irene?” He shoots a goofy grin at my mom who smiles back and playfully pushes him. “Sinuhe!” They chuckle and I feel like the awkward third wheel who’s crashing their friends’ date. Super awkward. Mom turns towards me with that solemn and serious look again and I know stuff’s about to get real. “Stelle, do you remember those stories I used to tell you, about wolves? And their packs?” Um. That’s…an interesting subject change. “Yes…I do. Every pack has an alpha, the leader, and a beta, sorta of like a backup leader, right? Uh, there was a pack, or clan of wolves- The Seiji clan I think, that wants to rule over Yamoha, one of the most sacred places to wolves.” She smiled softly at me.  “Yes. Yamoha was created by the First Wolf, Okami. Original right? But, without him, wolves or shall I say werewolves, would never exist.” And now she’s scaring me. Why is she talking like things like this could happen? I mean, werewolves? They could never exist! “I know what you might be thinking, but…ah. There’s really no easy way for me to explain this for you.” She starts talking lowly, her thin eyebrows knitting together. Sinuhe sighs dramatically.” Anastelle. All those stories about wolves and packs and all that good stuff is true. “Mom and I gape at him at him and shock. Mom’s face twists with anger as she gets in his face. “Idiot Beta! You can’t just blurt that out to him! Jeez Sinuhe, this is my kid! Not one of the other recruits! This is a serious matter Sinuhe!” She yells in a tone I’ve never heard before. It was…chilling. I shuddered in fear – why would I fear my mother? She would never hurt me! Why am I feeling this way? I see Sinuhe shudder, his eyes full of pure fear. He swallows hard as he meets mom fierce, commanding gaze. “A-alpha, I was m-m-merely trying to help…” He looks down, almost in shame. Under normal circumstances, I would be on the floor laughing at the sight: A six foot two man looking utterly ashamed as he’s berated by a five foot woman, but under no circumstance is this normal. And Alpha? Beta? Why are they calling each other that? Mom suddenly calms down, but still has a scowl on her face. She unhands Sinuhe, who sighs in relief, and walks towards me. She looks at me, looking apologetic. “I’m sorry you had to see that Stelle. I…” She sighs. “The stories, they are all true. You and I, our family, we’re direct descendants of Okami himself. We are one of the most powerful werewolves in existence.” She mumbles softly, looking tired, and a bit sad. I’m a werewolf. I’m.  werewolf. “We’re…wolves.” I stated blankly. Well, I guess it explains my love for wolves. Mom smiles, looking relieved. “Is there anything you want to know about us? Our powers, our pack? “Mom guides me to sit by the island in the middle of the kitchen. “Powers?” I look at mom and she smiles patiently. “Werewolves have telepathy, reading minds, talking in other peoples’ minds, things like that. Once a wolf is at the age of turning, they gain superhuman strength, they can run much faster than the average human, and more stamina. Special wolves, like us, have extra powers. We can control an element of our choice, and if a member of our family, in this case me, becomes an alpha they can control all the elements.” Oh lordie. This too much information for one day. Sweetie, you can go to bed after dinner. I knew this was going to be hard on you. I jump in surprise, realizing Mom just read and talked in my mind. Sinuhe chuckles. “Okay Sport, I guess you should get ready for dinner.” He smiles at me, back to being his happy self. I smile back at him. I stand up and kiss my mother on the cheek. Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu. Mom grinned. “Watashi wa anata o aishiteimatsu, Akachan Okami.” I giggle at her nickname for me and walk to the bathroom. I wash my hands and dry them with a cloth hanging on a rack behind the sink. So, all the stories, all the spells she recited to me, they are all true! Even- Don’t even think about Anastelle!  I pout. Fine. Ah, the woes of being an African-Japanese okami, werewolf. I walk out of the bathroom and smell Mom’s cooking-yum!- and sprint towards the kitchen. “ I smell yummy food~” I traipse into the kitchen seeing Sinuhe sitting at the island in the middle of the kitchen. Mom smiles. “It’s your favorite! Miso soup and Dango for dessert!” Oh yes! My three favorite foods! I sit next to Sinuhe and start drooling as she fixes our plates. “You really like Japanese cuisine, dontcha?” Sinuhe slaps a hand on my back, (I’m pretty sure my spine is dislocated now) and lets out a laugh. “Ah, It’s my favorite!” I grin as Mom puts down a bowl of delicious miso soup, teeming with bonito kelp. I smile and taste a spoonful-and oh god, this is absolutely wonderful! The bonito is so tender, and flaky, and oh! The kelp is so deliciously spicy! The taste of wasabi and red peppers dance on my tongue. I close my eyes and smirk. “I’m pretty sure I just died and went to heaven. That soup was marvelous mom!” Sinuhe grunts in agreement and wolfs down (gosh, I love puns) the entire soup like he hasn’t eaten for ninety days. Mother smiles and laughs at Sinuhe. “Well, I’m so glad you like it!” She flashes that amazingly bright smile of hers. “Please wait while I get the dango.” She gets up out of her chair, slowly, and walks to the kitchen. I finish the last bit of my soup and turn to Sinuhe. “So. Why did mom call you a beta earlier? Does that mean you’re, like, the backup beta in case something happens? But what does that make me? I am the Alpha’s daughter after all. How many wolves are in the pack? Is the stuff about-“

“Okay, Okay! Jeez, you sure are a Chatty Cathy, huh?” He smiles at me, then smiles even wider when mom puts down the plate of delicious, sweeter-sweet dango. Gosh I love dango. I pick up a skewer holding three pieces and savor the sweet taste of the chewy rice dumpling. “These are almost too good!” I devour the dango, ignoring the amused laughing of the wolves beside me. “Stho, you didn’ ansher my questions Shinuehe.” I turn to him, mouth full of food, trying to look serious. “Heehee! Only if y-“ He snorts loudly, and covers his mouth. I narrow my eyes and swallow food. “Seriously! Tell me!” I pout and look at mom who shakes her head and chuckles. “I’m afraid you’ll have to handle this guy by yourself Stelle. Good luck.” She gets up and starts clearing the table. “ H-hey!” Sinuhe starts pouting, and moves his chair closer to me. “I’m not that bad Stelle! I promise!” He then smiles that ever-so-charming smile. “Y-yeah, okay.” I look away and blush slightly. I look at Mom for help, but all she does is smirk knowingly at me. “I’m going to bed. Don’t have too much fun!” oh lord. “MOTHER!!!” I feel my cheeks getting ten times redder. Seriously?! No offense to Sin, but he is way too old for me. “What?!” Sinuhe gasps, his absolutely gorgeous blue eyes widen slightly. “ I am not old! Heck, I’m not twenty! I’m only sixteen, can’t you tell?” He pouts and crosses his arms. “Oh, well, uh, you look older than you really are. Still really handsome, but much older.” Oops. There goes my bad habit again. Way to go Anastelle. “Ooh, you think I’m handsome, do you?” Sinuhe smirks and chuckles. “You’re quite the looker yourself.” I blush and look at mom, who is drying the last of the dishes. “It’s getting late, we should turn in okay?” She puts the dishes in the dishpan to dry and turns to us. “Sinuhe, you may sleep in the guest room. It’s the room on the far left side of the living room-next to Stelle’s. I’m gonna turn in now, goodnight.” She smiles and plants a kiss upon my forehead. I smile back and look at Sinuhe, his smug look turning into one of admiration as he says good night to Mom. Mom yawns and walks towards her room, which is connected to the kitchen. “So. In terms of me being Beta, it’s really more of a title these days. Of course, Betas were extremely important fifty years ago, when the war was going on, but that’s another story for another day.” Sinuhe breaks the silence and casually throws an arm across my shoulders. “Betas, in dire emergencies, temporarily take the place of the Alpha. It’s kinda like if a teacher is sick, and another teacher substitutes for- “Sinuhe yawns. “-that sick teacher. S-sorry Anastelle, I’m a bit tired. Traveling by mirrors are draining.” Ah, yes. Mom told me that the only way for a werewolf to travel to Yamoha from Earth, and vice versa, is through mirrors. “Mhmm. Jus’ think, really hard, that you want t’ go t’ Earth, or Yamoha, and you’ll get there.” He yawns again, those electric blue eyes closing. “That’s pretty cool. I guess. Welp, I dunno about you, but I’m gonna take my shower than go to bed I’m really tired.” I bat my eyes at Sinuhe when looks at me. He smirks and leans closer to me. “Alright. I’ll head on to bed and just take a shower in the mornin’. Good night Anastelle.” He speaks lowly, and when he leans down to kiss my cheek, I feel ready to die and go to heaven. This boy is going to be the literal death of me! He chuckles and saunters towards the guestroom. I sigh and wait until Sinuhe closes the bedroom door before hastening to the bathroom. “No time like the present.” I make sure the close the bathroom door tight behind me, and turn to the mirror. I look at my eyes, dark brown and large, and run a hand through my long, thick, black hair. “Ok. You can do this.” I close my eyes and think about Yamoha, the two-story house that she had described to me, the mountains, the forests the wolves, I picture everything my mom ever told me. I picture myself running in a field, then feel the wind toss my hair all over my face. Wait. Wait, wait, wait. I quickly open my eyes, only to see a vast, Victorian-like two-story house. Oh Lord. This is…this house is exactly like how mom described! My eyes widen and I grin, walking towards the gate surrounding it. I look down and realize I’m barefoot, and wiggle my toes in the grass. “Hehe. Haha!” I laugh in pure joy. It’s real! This place that mom told me about is  real! I twirl around, looking at the trees, the dark blue sky, which indicates that it’s night, and that beautiful house. It’s brown, with a grey trim, in the middle of the lawn is a statue of a giant copper wolf, standing on all four legs, looking very regal. I walk towards the gate, when I realize, there is a very tall, very intimidating man standing right behind the gate. Uh-oh… I stop about ten feet away from fence, putting on a brave face as the man glares daggers at me. “Who are you, and what are you doing here, runt?!” He growls, and his face contorts angrily. This was a mistake.



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