Mother’s Day


When I was nineteen months old, my Mom saved my sister and I from going into the system and took me to live with my Grandparents. They were the absolute best Grandparents a child could ask for! I lived with my Grandparents for the first three years of my life. My Mom visited often, but I hated when she left to go back home. I would cry, and throw tantrums, and be horribly upset. My Grandfather was the only one who could calm me down, and that was by driving around the neighborhood in his car while mom left. It was discernible that I was my Mom’s daughter! A month after I turned four, I was ‘officially’ (Quoted because I was always my mother’s.) the daughter of my mother. I have been truly blessed and saved by God with my mother, and I don’t know what I would do or where I would be without her! In my eyes, she is God! Unfortunately, with very good things come very bad things, A.K.A. my sister. From the time of our saving up until this present day, she has been lower than scum. My mother was healthy when she first got us, but now she is so ill, and has so many health problems because of her! It hurts me, and my family, (the members that care, anyway) to see her like this…

Two years ago, my mom started to get a little better, as my sister, around 9-20 at the time, had left to go in the Army. We were glad she left, as our household was no longer heavy with anger, hurt, depression, just overall negative feelings. We were finally happy! And not a fake happiness, a real, whole-hearted happiness which really healed my family. It was really great- until my sister came home last year. From February of last year all the to this present day, our lives have (once again) been taken a turn for the worse. The thing is, even through all the hell my sister has dragged my mom through for the past fifteen years, my mom still supports her! My sister had no one, not even me, who still willing supported and help her except my mom. I don’t know many moms who do that, and have even heard dozens of parents say they would never do as much as my mom did for someone like my mom. Unfortunately, Mom’s health has declined even more since she’s been back. We’ve been through lot, especially with a recent death in our family. There has been an extreme amount of stress put on my mom and I can’t help but wish I could take all of her burdens away, but I can’t. I can only pray that she stays well and alive to at least see me graduate high school…

Mom, you will never know just how much I love, admire, respect, and look up to you. No one will ever love me the way you do! If I could, I would get you every single thing you ever could or would want! You deserve it! You deserve the whole world and so much more! Happy Mother’s Day!


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