First Meeting

It was as if time stopped when Crystal locked eyes with this gorgeous stranger. She gasped, and her bright blue eyes widened in shock. No way, she thought. Dark grey eyes peered back at her, a knowing smile stretched on their face. “Why hello there!” The stranger, clad in skinny jeans and a plain red t-shirt, ran her hands in her short, choppy black hair. Crystal swoons when she hears this gorgeous stranger speak. She hardly has time to introduce herself before the person in front of her speaks. “You look even more beautiful in real life Crys! I mean, your voice sounded absolutely lovely during our phone calls, and you looked just stunning during our video calls, but I didn’t think you’d look this gorgeous!” Crystal smiles at her and leaps forward to engulf her in a hug. Her significant other wraps her arms around her, eyes shining happily. Crystal smiles. “I’m so glad we’re finally meeting each other! I, I love you…Naomi.” Crystal blushes and pecks her partner on the cheek sweetly. Naomi smiles dreamily and blushes, looking down at Crystal. “ I love you too, Crystal.”


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