Dinner At Jenny’s

Sighing happily, I look upon the pot of greasy, liquidly macaroni and cheese that I made by myself, and without the house burning down this time! Scanning the counters, I quickly grab the small, plastic bottle of black pepper, and carefully screw the top off. “Jenny’s going to be so proud of me!” I grin as I pour the pepper into the mac’n’cheese, turning it a wonderful shade of grey. “A-achoo!” I sneeze loudly, and soon hear the soft padding of bare feet come towards the kitchen. “Sandra….what on Earth are you doing?” I turn and look at Jenny, clad in some black sweatpants and her ‘guns and roses’ shirt. She peers over my shoulder to look at my creation. “Uh, what is this?”

“Homemade macaroni and cheese! Oh, you’re going to absolutely love it!” I giggle as I reach for the orange juice. Jenny looks at me funny, but doesn’t say anything. “Ah, yes. Orange juice will definitely make this zesty! It’ll also add a great source of vitamin C!” I wink at Jenny as Ii pour half of the gallon bottle into the pot. I stir quickly as the smell of black pepper mixed with orange juice wafts past my nose. I grab a plate from the shelf and plop a great big serving onto it. “Here Jenny! Have a taste!” Jenny smiles nervously as she grabs a fork from the drawer. “Thanks…Sandra.” Jenny takes the plate from me, and slowly digs her fork into the gooey, liquidly food. I wait patiently as she brings the fork to her mouth and slowly eats the mac’n’cheese. Her face contorts into an expression I can’t tell is good or bad. My smile drops.  Jenny swallows and smiles weakly. “It’s very g-good Sandy.” I beam at her and quickly grab her plate to put more food on it. “I’m so glad you like it! Now, I noticed you didn’t eat lunch today, so be sure to eat lots of this!” I pile the macaroni and cheese high – as high as I could get it, anyway- and handed the plate back towards Jenny. “Eat up!” I smile at her, and she sits at the table and starts eating without another word. I’m so glad Jenny deemed my food acceptable!


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