In Color There Is Life

Word count: 331

Warning: While some descriptions aren’t meant to represent sadness, depression, etc., they may trigger emotions such as those.

Sweet, lovely lavender

Smoother than silk

Flows slowly as its presence sparks pleasant curiosity

Deliciously tart, yet so sinfully sweet


One of few strings of rope that holds the rocky bridge between us


A smoke so potent, so sweet

So wispy it slips effortlessly through your fingertips

Swirls of darkness move so fast

Yet stand still all the same

A bitterness that’s too much so,

You start to choke only for the small,

Subtle sweetness to suddenly seep through

A truly contradicting feeling

Intimidating, yet comforting

I’ve found both fear and consolation in the darkness


Sweeter than roses,

Softer than cotton

Makes even the darkest colors bright

Wonderfully luscious

Fittingly feminine, perfectly masculine

A sign of extreme strength and bravery


A refreshing breath of air

Gentle, yet rough

Calm rocking, then angry crashing


An indescribable calm, unending sadness,

A blue suit I’ll never see again


Warm cinnamon

A warm, sometimes scorching hot fire


Sweet, spicy, bittersweet

Burning passion, hot, furious anger

A red book tells a million stories


A forest so light yet so heavy at the same time

Rough around the edges, lush as you sink into it

Freshly sharp

Beautiful peace, ugly jealousy

A beautiful tree, reborn until the end of time


Savory spices

Strong yet pliable

A light so bright, no trace of darkness can be found,

At least for the moment

Smoother, sweeter than honey

The kind of happiness,

True happiness,

That makes you grateful for living

An Epiphany

You wore the prettiest smile that day

It was one of the few times

I saw you truly, unabashedly happy


So subtle, it’s almost nonexistent


Stereotyped as plain,

Though far, far from it

A rare, soul-changing sweetness,

It brings you to tears

An innocence, a purity so strong

It makes you dream of growing

Into a being of graceful serenity

I long to see you in that heavenly plane


To live in a world without color

Would be devastating












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