I cannot

And will not

Have any Respect

For someone who doesn’t

Respect anyone or anything

I cannot

And will not

Have any Kindness

For someone who

Has a façade of Warmth

And Friendliness hiding

The Greed, the Selfishness, the Hate

I refuse to fall into an unending spiral of Hate and  Despair.



Outcast Update(s)

While I know for sure I want to complete “Outcast”, it will take a long time, for a number of reasons (School, family engagements, etc.). But, in the mean time, I’ll still be writing short stories and poems. Also, I would love any and all comments and feedback about my writings and/or the blog in general (I’m thinking of maybe taking on another author to collaborate maybe? I dunno if it’ll work out). I’m also thinking of doing a Q&A or something like that? I don’t know, but if you guys wanna ask questions about stuff, I’ll probably put one together if there’s enough questions I guess.

See you later.

Unsure Turtle