Word count: 120

Warning: Angst, anger, general negative feelings.

When I first met you,

I looked up to you

As if you were another brother of mine

We took you in

And you stabbed us in the back

You betrayed in the worst of ways,

You lazy prick

I hope you’re happy,

Because I guarantee

You will never find another family

Like us

When I first met you,

I pitied you

You lost someone precious,

And I know now how that feels

But even so,

You did us wrong,

You liar,

You thief

I know you deviants

For what you really are






The only thing worse than you

Is the Devil that’s living in my house

I’ll be glad when I’m finally



A Foolish Tendency

Word count: 211

Warning: Sadness, mention of depression

Happiness does not live here anymore.

I’ve tried to recreate an irreplaceable relationship, like a stupid fool

For no one knew, you could be so cruel

This home, once happy and untainted

Soon became depressed and oppressed

Happiness does not live here anymore.

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