Thirteen Ways

Word count: 358

Warning: No warning.

One. The sun is dim compared to

The light of your smile. It melts my heart

In the best of ways, all it takes

Is just one smile to make me sway.


Two. You carry a happiness I wouldn’t

Dare to dream of having. You make me

Sick, and yet it was frighteningly quick,

How fast I fell for someone I clearly don’t



Three. Your patience is short.

Your temper even shorter, I’d never

Thought I’d meet someone as mad as me,

As sad as me. Is this some sick twist of fate?

Are you really my destiny?


Four. You make me want to be

A better woman. You make me

Smile, laugh,

Cry, and scream without even trying.

Am I dying? Is this what love feels like?

I haven’t felt love since I was a child,

It’s wild how easily you unravel

The past I’ve kept shrouded in mystery.


Five. Stop breaking down my walls.

The longer you’re here, the farther

I fall.

You make me weak in the knees,

You make me smile and laugh,

And damn it, how am I supposed to be

Intimidating if I’m happy all the time?!


Six. I’ve never been good at comforting.

You think it’s your fault, but my darling,

There are things we can’t prevent,

People we can’t protect, no matter how hard

We try.

You were there when I needed you most.

So now I’m here, when you need me most.


Seven. Your smile isn’t light anymore.

You sway in between grief and depression

And it melts my heart in the worst

Of ways.

You carry a sadness that’s all too

Familiar to me, and I don’t know what to do.


Eight. I see more of me in you.

I wish I knew how to make you better.


Nine. Finally, you let me in.

I’m sorry. The hurt stings for a while,

But you have to move on.

I’ll be by your side,

Every step of the way.


Ten. I love you more than words can speak.


Twelve. So much more than in just thirteen ways.


Thirteen. I can’t wait to spend all my days loving you.



Don’t Give Up

Word count: 88

Warning: No warning!

When it becomes too much,

And you give up on hope,

Remember the struggles you’ve been through

Remember the joy and comfort you find in your family and friends

Remember the reason why you’re sacrificing time, sleep, happiness…

Remember that you’ve come too far to give up now

It’s okay to take a breather,

To relax,

To unwind

Don’t bother your mind with the foolish chatter

Of mindless idiots who try to get in the way of your goal

You can do anything if you believe you can

Sister, Sister

Word count: 185

Warning: No warning!

I wonder what goes on in that head of yours,

Your dreams, your hopes, your ambitions

You’re such a beautiful girl,

It’s a shame, the choices you’ve made

They will forever follow you, even after death

You’re a cunning thief,

And an even better liar

The things you’ve done are almost unforgivable

I love you, sister,

But I hate the things you’ve done,

This persona of stupidity, the acts of treason

How could you hurt me like this?

I could’ve avoided this frustrating deafness,

These annoyingly weak eyes,

Those painful braces,

Family is not worth anything, sometimes

All they want is to suck every bit of joy,

Create chaos and confusion

You could’ve changed your ways,

I guess you still can,

But How can anyone trust you?

I wish I had Mom’s and Auntie M’s relationship,

To have a sister who loves me for who I am,

And not simply because of our mother

What happened?

Who made you hurt so much,

To have no respect for yourself

Is the saddest thing on Earth

I truly, genuinely hope,

That you find inner peace one day.


Word count: 296

Warning:  No warnings!

Crying’s a weakness, she told me so

But I can’t help it when the thing I most aspire to be

Slips right through my hands

But David’s here, Whitney too

So many inspirations I could never meet

Though I know in my soul

They’ll be with me every step of the way (they always have been)

Never once have they let me down

They brought me my one aspiration

But what is happiness, truly?

True happiness cannot be wrapped

In pretty paper and bows

Nor can it be bought

I suppose it comes from deep within

Deep within your heart, mind, and soul

It’s only now I’m learning,

That it’s okay to be afraid

It’s okay to be sad

It’s okay to cry

It’s okay to be mad at the world

It’s okay to embrace your disabilities

It’s okay, because you are human

And there is not one human being

On the face of this Earth

That is perfect and saint-like

In fact, we’re all a bunch of sinners

But it’s the people who want to change, who want forgiveness

That go straight to heaven

I think I know what happiness to me is now

It’s my family

My animals

My friends

My teachers

The countless amount of people who are always kind to me

And most importantly,

It’s the love and respect I have for myself

No matter how many times I think negatively about myself,

No matter how many times I shame myself for my body,

No matter how many times I wish I was “normal”,

No matter how many times Life kicks me down,

No matter how sad I am,

At the end of the day, I realize just how amazingly unique I am

How blessed I am

That is happiness to me



Be Strong My Friend

Word count: 160

Warning: No warning!

You are beautiful

You are strong

You are smart

Don’t let these ignorant fools

Convince you otherwise

Crying does not make you weak

I know you’re in pain, but please hold on

You are courageous

Your smile is beautiful, and infectious

Some people don’t understand you,

But know that I do, and I will never judge you

Your friends adore you

And look up to you

Those who are jealous of you

Will try to deceive and hurt you

But know that they are pettily ignorant,

And do not deserve your attention

You think so badly about yourself,

And that makes me sad

You are priceless!

And please, stop apologizing

You’ve done nothing wrong,

I wish you could see

Just how amazing you are,

You are not annoying, or a bother

You are the bright sun that

Lights up the dark, dreary worlds

Of others

Don’t stop being yourself,

Because you are you

And it shouldn’t be any other way