Blake’s BFF Is The Best!

The ending is kinda…not good.

Edit: I fixed some grammatical issues.

Someone is following me. I can hear their faint footsteps, that rhythmic click, click, click. I don’t dare turn back and look,  instead, I hasten my walk and clutch my backpack close to my chest; If worst comes to worst, which I pray does not happen, I know exactly what to do…what Mom taught me if I’m being followed…My breath hitches as I hear the footsteps walk faster, that annoying clicking getting closer. Oh no. I feel utter fear crawl over my spine and start running – I can see my house just around the corner. I heave a sigh of relief, ignoring my ever-growing fear, and look behind. That was a mistake. The figure, hooded and very hard to make out in the pitch-black darkness, is at the most, ten feet behind me. My eyes widen as I see the pull something out of their hood. I feel a chill roll down my spine and run as fast as I can – my house, it’s just in reach, you can make it, you must! I’m so, so close! My heart then freezes, as I feel a hand pull me. No. no, no, no, I refuse to go down like this! I swiftly pull my pistol out, hands trembling, and Bang! I breathe heavily, glaring down at the dead offender, a bullet lodged in their brain. I roughly pull the hood up and gasp, horrified. “No. No, no, no, no, no, NO!” I collapse, sobbing and heaving, as I look in the pale, bloody face of my best friend, then at my phone. Ah, that’s right. I must have left it at the library, after our study session. Who knew that something so stupid would lead me to kill my best friend? “I-I’m s-s-so-oo s-s-orry!” I sobbed loudly and hear sirens in the distance. Shaking and trembling, I wrap my arms around my best friend, and wipe the blood off their face, rocking them slowly as I see red and blue lights turn the corner. “I’m sorry…Blake…I love you.”