Sister, Sister

Word count: 185

Warning: No warning!

I wonder what goes on in that head of yours,

Your dreams, your hopes, your ambitions

You’re such a beautiful girl,

It’s a shame, the choices you’ve made

They will forever follow you, even after death

You’re a cunning thief,

And an even better liar

The things you’ve done are almost unforgivable

I love you, sister,

But I hate the things you’ve done,

This persona of stupidity, the acts of treason

How could you hurt me like this?

I could’ve avoided this frustrating deafness,

These annoyingly weak eyes,

Those painful braces,

Family is not worth anything, sometimes

All they want is to suck every bit of joy,

Create chaos and confusion

You could’ve changed your ways,

I guess you still can,

But How can anyone trust you?

I wish I had Mom’s and Auntie M’s relationship,

To have a sister who loves me for who I am,

And not simply because of our mother

What happened?

Who made you hurt so much,

To have no respect for yourself

Is the saddest thing on Earth

I truly, genuinely hope,

That you find inner peace one day.



Word count: 104

Warning: No warning!

Why do I write?

I write for many reasons:

To share an experience,

To vent my feelings,

To talk about subjects

Of which most people turn

A blind eye to.


Writing makes me feel alive,

Makes me feel as though I have

A voice that can be heard above

The noise.

It makes me happy,

It makes me sad.

It makes me angry,

And most of all, it makes me

Grateful to be alive.


Whether it’s an emotional poem,

A silly short story

Or a novel that bears

My very heart and soul,

Writing, for me,

Is the one thing I have

Control over.


In Color There Is Life

Word count: 331

Warning: While some descriptions aren’t meant to represent sadness, depression, etc., they may trigger emotions such as those.

Sweet, lovely lavender

Smoother than silk

Flows slowly as its presence sparks pleasant curiosity

Deliciously tart, yet so sinfully sweet


One of few strings of rope that holds the rocky bridge between us


A smoke so potent, so sweet

So wispy it slips effortlessly through your fingertips

Swirls of darkness move so fast

Yet stand still all the same

A bitterness that’s too much so,

You start to choke only for the small,

Subtle sweetness to suddenly seep through

A truly contradicting feeling

Intimidating, yet comforting

I’ve found both fear and consolation in the darkness


Sweeter than roses,

Softer than cotton

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