The Holy Book

The Holy Books are so much more than just books retelling the histories and stories derived from the very moment Man was created. Their books of learning, hope, forgiveness, and so much more. Each story, psalm, and proverb have a way of bringing you closer to God, and the people around you.

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Happy birthday, Grandpa,

I hope you’re okay

It’s been 11 months

Since I’ve seen you last,

A lot has changed

for the better and worse

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The First Eclipse

Your eyes remained closed

You did not utter one word

You didn’t sit up

And say, “Hey, ‘Shanie!”

And then, so suddenly,

I was falling, falling

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Mother Knows Best


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Birds of A Feather Flock Together

via Daily Prompt: Distant


“Donny…are you okay?” Anya’s concerned gaze burned through Donny’s back. He scoffs and turns to look at his older sister. “Of course, I’m okay, Anya. How can you even ask that? Our sister just left us, just like Dad!” His dark brown eyes glare harshly at Anya, who flinches, her bright, brown eyes moving to the floor.

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A Poem For Mommy

Sometimes I wonder,

In a random train of thought,

If you can hear the thunder

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Mother’s Day


When I was nineteen months old, my Mom saved my sister and I from going into the system and took me to live with my Grandparents. They were the absolute best Grandparents a child could ask for! I lived with my Grandparents for Continue reading “Mother’s Day”