Outcast Ch. 1: As The World Falls Down

The savory aroma of collard greens wafted through the kitchen. I grab a fork out of the drawer near the stove to stir the delectable greens, and – after slightly burning my hand and wrist from the steam – taste them. “Mm, not yet.” I reach up to the overhanging cupboard to shuffle through several bottles of spices before picking out one of my favorite spices, cayenne pepper. I grin as I carefully measure one tablespoon of the spicy seasoning into the large pot of greens. I stir the greens using a clean spoon from the utensils drawer and plop the lid on. It will be a while for the greens to be nice and tender, just how we like them! “Anastelle! Sophie’s here!” My mother’s sweet, southern lilted voice rang throughout the house. Continue reading “Outcast Ch. 1: As The World Falls Down”


Lilies and Roses

WARNING: There is implied suicide towards the middle of the story.

The lavish dining room was heavily decorated with sparkling gems and diamonds. The massive table, which I thought to be stone, had ruby gems embedded into it. A feast of various meats, cheeses, and sweet fruit lie in front of me. “My dear Proserpine, you must be ravenous after our journey!” I nervously look at Pluto, standing tall with his dark hair and dark eyes as he enters the dining room. He approaches the head of the table and leans dangerously close to me. “Aren’t you hungry?” He asked. Continue reading “Lilies and Roses”

Birds of A Feather Flock Together

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“Donny…are you okay?” Anya’s concerned gaze burned through Donny’s back. He scoffs and turns to look at his older sister. “Of course, I’m okay, Anya. How can you even ask that? Our sister just left us, just like Dad!” His dark brown eyes glare harshly at Anya, who flinches, her bright, brown eyes moving to the floor.

Continue reading “Birds of A Feather Flock Together”

A Mother’s Love

When I saw that woman verbally abusing her son, watching the tears well up in his eyes as those ugly words came out of his ugly mother’s mouth, I felt rage bubble up inside me, toppling over until I saw red. I wanted nothing more than to shout out at her, to call out all of her flaws, as she was doing now to her son. She pushed and shoved him, ignoring the tears rushing down his face. I wanted to tell her that she wasn’t important, that she deserved to have the worst thing happen to her. But, I couldn’t. What can a paralyzed boy do, confined to his hospital bed, unable to even help himself? I sighed, and looked away from the window. “I’m sorry. I know how you feel.” I clench my fists, looking at my burned legs, covered with cool bandages. “My mother hurt me too.” I wiped a stray tear away from my face, and slip into unconsciousness.

Blake’s BFF Is The Best!

The ending is kinda…not good.

Edit: I fixed some grammatical issues.

Someone is following me. I can hear their faint footsteps, that rhythmic click, click, click. I don’t dare turn back and look,  instead, I hasten my walk and clutch my backpack close to my chest; If worst comes to worst, which I pray does not happen, I know exactly what to do…what Mom taught me if I’m being followed…My breath hitches as I hear the footsteps walk faster, that annoying clicking getting closer. Oh no. I feel utter fear crawl over my spine and start running – I can see my house just around the corner. I heave a sigh of relief, ignoring my ever-growing fear, and look behind. That was a mistake. The figure, hooded and very hard to make out in the pitch-black darkness, is at the most, ten feet behind me. My eyes widen as I see the pull something out of their hood. I feel a chill roll down my spine and run as fast as I can – my house, it’s just in reach, you can make it, you must! I’m so, so close! My heart then freezes, as I feel a hand pull me. No. no, no, no, I refuse to go down like this! I swiftly pull my pistol out, hands trembling, and Bang! I breathe heavily, glaring down at the dead offender, a bullet lodged in their brain. I roughly pull the hood up and gasp, horrified. “No. No, no, no, no, no, NO!” I collapse, sobbing and heaving, as I look in the pale, bloody face of my best friend, then at my phone. Ah, that’s right. I must have left it at the library, after our study session. Who knew that something so stupid would lead me to kill my best friend? “I-I’m s-s-so-oo s-s-orry!” I sobbed loudly and hear sirens in the distance. Shaking and trembling, I wrap my arms around my best friend, and wipe the blood off their face, rocking them slowly as I see red and blue lights turn the corner. “I’m sorry…Blake…I love you.”