Black and white notes

Never sounded more soothing

A soft, upbeat melody,

A somber symphony,

Strikes your soul in the best way

Oh, I’ve fallen in love,

In love with this feeling of freedom



The 31rst is the day I love the most

For I turn 16 on this eerie day

Pumpkins littered around the yard

Graveyards mark the troubled souls

Chilling skeletons hang from the door

A night of true delight and fright

Disguised in jest for candies and cake

While presents lie to open under the black tree

What a magnificent day indeed

Reach For The Stars

Hollow and fragile are these boughs

Holding every burden, every fear – so

In my haste to climb down, away from the calamity,

I fell – yet I was not hurt, I fell in the serenity

Of a summery moonlight, shining like a fire

Without burning heat, no longer did I feel a dire

Need to do anything, I was flying amongst the stars,

Never did I think I’d get this far