The Kissing Hand

Word Count: 53

Warning: No warning.

A nighttime tradition,

Curling up to your side

Listening to your soothing,

Animated voice as I fell in love

With what became my favorite childhood book.

Chester The Racoon, an entity not unlike myself,

With such a sweet demeanor,

And slightly concerning separation anxiety,

The love we share for our mothers

Is unparalleled



Angel & Euphoria

Word count: 31

Warning: No warning!


Like cotton candy


Like a cloud


like an impression of a first love




Like a mother’s touch


Like a bountiful garden


Like chocolate



Don’t Give Up

Word count: 88

Warning: No warning!

When it becomes too much,

And you give up on hope,

Remember the struggles you’ve been through

Remember the joy and comfort you find in your family and friends

Remember the reason why you’re sacrificing time, sleep, happiness…

Remember that you’ve come too far to give up now

It’s okay to take a breather,

To relax,

To unwind

Don’t bother your mind with the foolish chatter

Of mindless idiots who try to get in the way of your goal

You can do anything if you believe you can


Word count: 104

Warning: No warning!

Why do I write?

I write for many reasons:

To share an experience,

To vent my feelings,

To talk about subjects

Of which most people turn

A blind eye to.


Writing makes me feel alive,

Makes me feel as though I have

A voice that can be heard above

The noise.

It makes me happy,

It makes me sad.

It makes me angry,

And most of all, it makes me

Grateful to be alive.


Whether it’s an emotional poem,

A silly short story

Or a novel that bears

My very heart and soul,

Writing, for me,

Is the one thing I have

Control over.


Be Strong My Friend

Word count: 160

Warning: No warning!

You are beautiful

You are strong

You are smart

Don’t let these ignorant fools

Convince you otherwise

Crying does not make you weak

I know you’re in pain, but please hold on

You are courageous

Your smile is beautiful, and infectious

Some people don’t understand you,

But know that I do, and I will never judge you

Your friends adore you

And look up to you

Those who are jealous of you

Will try to deceive and hurt you

But know that they are pettily ignorant,

And do not deserve your attention

You think so badly about yourself,

And that makes me sad

You are priceless!

And please, stop apologizing

You’ve done nothing wrong,

I wish you could see

Just how amazing you are,

You are not annoying, or a bother

You are the bright sun that

Lights up the dark, dreary worlds

Of others

Don’t stop being yourself,

Because you are you

And it shouldn’t be any other way