The Connection Between You and I

Word count: 106

Warning: no warning!

You are my soulmate

I knew it the moment we met,

The moment you held me,

The moment you spoke

I was just a tiny baby,

But somehow, I just knew it in my heart

You saved me,

You loved me (and always will),

You let me become a part of your world

Some people are just too blind to see,

You don’t have to share blood to be a family

Thank you, God, for blessing me,

With this mother, this angel of mine

This connection we have, you and I,

Will last forever, even after we die

Words cannot express how much I love you


Raise A Glass

Word Count: 183

Warning: No warning!

Raise a glass to freedom,

Something they can never take away

No matter they tell you

Raise a glass to peace,

Something that will always be by your side,

No matter how rough the tide

Raise a glass to unity,

The light which will never fade

Or glimmer, even on the darkest of nights

Raise a glass to friendship,

And the bonds that continue to grow

And renew

Raise a glass to hope,

Something that will never die,

Even in the face of fear and oppression

Raise a glass to those who hate and do no good,

Pray that someday they will see the truth

Raise a glass to you,

The love you give, the wisdom you share

Raise a glass to all the things that impact our lives,

That shape our world, that gives us a reason to live.

Be grateful for the time you still have.

Don’t waste it on fear and anger,

Use it to progress and grow

And then it’ll show,

When you raise your glass for the last time,

You’ll know your life exceeded everything you hoped for.


Let It Go

Word count: 122

Warning: sadness, issues with self-image.

Another day is gone

The room is dark, and I’m alone with my thoughts

I dream of the future, of having control,

Of an alternate life

My mother is healthy and happy again,

No longer does she have stressed-induced health problems

Happiness lives here now

No longer do I have to hide in the shadows,

No longer will I hold onto anger and sadness

No more insecurities

No more second-guessing myself

No more people taking advantage of me,

Mocking me,

Causing the worst pain imaginable

I dream of a future where my family is happy,

We’ll be free to go anywhere, anytime

We won’t be sick, or tired, or sad anymore

I pray with all my heart that day will soon come.



Word count: 239

Warning: taunting, mocking, might trigger those with depression.

You shouldn’t be so afraid,

It’s unbecoming of you. It leaves

You vulnerable to their attacks –

To my attacks. You’re afraid of crying?

That they won’t understand,

That they’ll use me and not calmly

Discuss your emotions? How pathetic!

Crying is a weakness, and oh, it’s such

A delicious way to poke and prod you.

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Let Our Voices Be Heard

Word count: 321

Warning: Religious themes, mentions of sexual abuse/rape, slavery, and racism.

The garden of Eden is full of snakes.

The holy churchgoers turn away the poor,

The abused, the women who have a choice,

And don’t have a choice,

All the while they cheat, lie, and steal.


The river of the blood and tears of the damned

Grows each day.


The Broken and Bruised stand no chance

Against the Patriarchy,

Their tongues are slit from their mouths

And as the blood spills it fills the bottomless,

Gluttonous, pit of the Oppressors.

There’s no salvation for them.


Only Pain and Misery.

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