NaPoWriMo Day 15: Music Comes Alive Once More

Seriously, Whataya Want From Me?

I know I’m a Girl On Fire

But Pretty Hurts

I’m afraid You Lost Me

To Ziggy Stardust

So I Don’t Really Care about you

So say Good Morning Heartache

It’s Time for you to go

It’s not my fault so many people Love Me

I might be a player, but I’m not a Penny Lover

I guess it’s in my DNA

But The Closer I Get To You

I say your name Like A Prayer

I’ve fallen in love with the Liberian Girl

I hope she’ll be my Last First Kiss

As we throw Glitter In The Air

I can’t help but think of Cover Girl,

You Make My Heart flutter

I’ve got Nothin’ But Love

For Y’all



All the songs used in this poem belongs to their rightful owners.


NaPoWriMo Day 13: Piano

Black and white notes

Never sounded more soothing

A soft, upbeat melody,

A somber symphony,

Strikes your soul in the best way

Oh, I’ve fallen in love,

In love with this feeling of freedom



Much of my life has been surrounded by it

Usually just for fun, especially for special occasions

Sometimes it provided an escape from reality

It’s when the beat lifts my soul, and my worries with it, that I feel truly at peace, I just

Can’t live without it