The 31rst is the day I love the most

For I turn 16 on this eerie day

Pumpkins littered around the yard

Graveyards mark the troubled souls

Chilling skeletons hang from the door

A night of true delight and fright

Disguised in jest for candies and cake

While presents lie to open under the black tree

What a magnificent day indeed


Music Is Alive

I do not own any of these song lyrics. They belong to their artists.

I would do anything to go to space with Major Tom


And swing by the Heartbreak Hotel

Because no one’s seen my Childhood

But then I heard the Mistletoe Jam,

And soon I was Running With the Night,

Because I’m Living For Love

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The Connection Between You and I

You are my soulmate

I knew it the moment we met,

The moment you held me,

The moment you spoke

I was just a tiny baby,

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Much of my life has been surrounded by it

Usually just for fun, especially for special occasions

Sometimes it provided an escape from reality

It’s when the beat lifts my soul, and my worries with it, that I feel truly at peace, I just

Can’t live without it




Happy birthday, Grandpa,

I hope you’re okay

It’s been 11 months

Since I’ve seen you last,

A lot has changed

for the better and worse

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The First Eclipse

Your eyes remained closed

You did not utter one word

You didn’t sit up

And say, “Hey, ‘Shanie!”

And then, so suddenly,

I was falling, falling

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Mother Knows Best


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An Essay On John Muir & William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth, in one of his literary works, said, “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”

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A Poem For Mommy

Sometimes I wonder,

In a random train of thought,

If you can hear the thunder

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March eleventh, twenty seventeen

That was when you left me

Your hugs, your smile, your laugh as well

Why didn’t you tell us you weren’t well?

I’m trying hard not to cry

But I hope you’re happy, up in the sky