The Second Eclipse

I hadn’t known you long,

But I felt closer to you than I’d ever thought possible

We both lost a father that day

And then, a month before his solemn anniversary,

You left to go be with him

You were far too young,

I suppose your heart just couldn’t take it

I wish it wasn’t so

Now Mother’s illness is worse,

There’s nothing a mere 16-year-old can do,

Except for watching the person she loves most

Break under the weight of the world.

It should’ve been the cruel, wretched man,

Who enjoys the cold embrace of evil

It should’ve been someone who deserved it

I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to get to know you

I truly hope that you have peace, now.


A Foolish Tendency

Happiness does not live here anymore.

I’ve tried to recreate an irreplaceable relationship, like a stupid fool

For no one knew, you could be so cruel

This home, once happy and untainted

Soon became depressed and oppressed

Happiness does not live here anymore.

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