Word count: 71

Warning: sadness, self-hatred

I wish I could be free, to not

Have this looming shadow over me, it’s

Almost as though

There’s never, ever

Enough time to catch my breath

Maybe one day true happiness will

Yield, after all won’t I make it if I fake it? The

Sole purpose, has not been clear,

Even to me, I only know the

Lines are my

Feelings and I don’t know where to go from here


The Eternal War

Word count: 67

Warning:  frequent mentions of Self-hatred.

I’m stuck

Between these two forces

They’re called “Self-hatred” and “Self-Love”

They’ve been at war

Since I was little

And now I think

In this recent battle,

Self-Hate has won,

Over and over and over again

I cherish the small victories

Self-Love has won,

But how long will it be

Before Self-Hate consumes me


This eternal war

Will be the death of me