Let Our Voices Be Heard

Word count: 321

Warning: Religious themes, mentions of sexual abuse/rape, slavery, and racism.

The garden of Eden is full of snakes.

The holy churchgoers turn away the poor,

The abused, the women who have a choice,

And don’t have a choice,

All the while they cheat, lie, and steal.


The river of the blood and tears of the damned

Grows each day.


The Broken and Bruised stand no chance

Against the Patriarchy,

Their tongues are slit from their mouths

And as the blood spills it fills the bottomless,

Gluttonous, pit of the Oppressors.

There’s no salvation for them.


Only Pain and Misery.

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Zek Americans

Word count: 91

Warning: mentions of internment camps.


Land of the free, home of the brave,

Once a place where innocent Japanese people

Were wrongly placed in internment camps –

Incarcerated, beaten – just as the Nazis’ did in Europe,

Treated as though they themselves bombed the harbor

And when all was said and done, their home country

Was victim to a nuclear bomb, which still to this day

Affects the living victims and their descendants.

It took forty years for America to apologize,

But that doesn’t matter anymore.

Because that didn’t change a single thing.

The Ladder

Word count: 466

Warning: slight taunts in 1-2 lines, nothing overly mean or vulgar.

Among the field of flowers

Was a ladder, a ladder so tall

You couldn’t see where it stopped!

I was only a young child then,

Curious, ambitious, eager to see

Where this impossible ladder led

And so I climbed.

I ignored the mocking laughter,

Ignored the doubts and lack of faith,

Ignored everyone who said

“You won’t make it!”

And climbed in search for a better world.

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The Eternal War

Word count: 67

Warning:  frequent mentions of Self-hatred.

I’m stuck

Between these two forces

They’re called “Self-hatred” and “Self-Love”

They’ve been at war

Since I was little

And now I think

In this recent battle,

Self-Hate has won,

Over and over and over again

I cherish the small victories

Self-Love has won,

But how long will it be

Before Self-Hate consumes me


This eternal war

Will be the death of me


Word count: 265

Warning: Sexism against women.

I woke up this morning, the sun illuminating the confines of my room.

I got ready for work, wearing an impeccable dress suit and killer heels

I ordered a coffee from a cafe, bustling and warm

The line was long, and the barista made my coffee with a charming smile,

Even though I took three minutes to decide what I wanted.

I hailed a cab to work and made it to the conference just in time.

The board listened to me, my boss nodded encouragingly –

And I deserved this. Years of school, years of hard, honest work

Got me the respect, the recognition, the life I deserve.


I woke up this morning, the sun illuminating the confines of my room.

I got ready for work, wearing an impeccable dress suit and killer heels

I ordered a coffee from a cafe, taking a few minutes to decide

And the barista joked loudly about how long women take to make decisions.

The men behind me snickered and agreed.

As I hailed a cab, a man passed by me

With a disgusting catcall and wolf whistle.

I made the conference meeting just in time,

But the board questioned my every sentence,

And my boss took away every bit of self-esteem I had left –

Criticizing everything from the way I talked to the way I dressed

I did not deserve this. Years of school and hard honest work,

Still did nothing to change the sexist thoughts of these men.

I’m just a woman, too ambitious, too forward, too slutty-looking,

This is not the life I deserve.

We The People (Deserve Freedom)

Word count: 223

Trigger warning: 1-2 lines mention abuse and rape under the cut.

It is often said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

And though it’s true, our corrupt, belittling society forces

Unrealistic, impossibly perfect, debilitating ways

Upon us in the name of being “trendy”, “healthy” and “beautiful”

If we, as a society, could diminish our hypocritic ways,

The United States of America might just finally, finally,

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