Word count: 47

Warning: No warning!

Much of my life has been surrounded by it

Usually just for fun, especially for special occasions

Sometimes it provided an escape from reality

It’s when the beat lifts my soul, and my worries with it, that I feel at peace, I just

Can’t live without it



Word count: 239

Warning: taunting, mocking, might trigger those with depression.

You shouldn’t be so afraid,

It’s unbecoming of you. It leaves

You vulnerable to their attacks –

To my attacks. You’re afraid of crying?

That they won’t understand,

That they’ll use me and not calmly

Discuss your emotions? How pathetic!

Crying is a weakness, and oh, it’s such

A delicious way to poke and prod you.

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Let Our Voices Be Heard

Word count: 321

Warning: Religious themes, mentions of sexual abuse/rape, slavery, and racism.

The garden of Eden is full of snakes.

The holy churchgoers turn away the poor,

The abused, the women who have a choice,

And don’t have a choice,

All the while they cheat, lie, and steal.


The river of the blood and tears of the damned

Grows each day.


The Broken and Bruised stand no chance

Against the Patriarchy,

Their tongues are slit from their mouths

And as the blood spills it fills the bottomless,

Gluttonous, pit of the Oppressors.

There’s no salvation for them.


Only Pain and Misery.

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Word count: 145

Warning: A lot of sadness


Silence is golden,

Silence is precious,

Silence keeps me safe.

My mind is a void,

An overflowing, overthinking

Boisterous void which comforts me,

Consoles me, builds me up and

Breaks me down, exploits my fears,

Beats me within an inch of my soul

In one second.

And yet, my mouth can’t form the words

I desperately want to say,

It stutters, it hesitates,

It remains silent.

The words remain in my mind,

Only released on paper

Or Microsoft Word..


The silence is maddening.

It is not golden or precious,

It harms me instead of protecting me –

It screams in my mind yet

Refuses to let even a hum escape.


Please, please set me free

From the bonds of your cruelty,

For once let me say what’s on my mind

Without fear of judgment or disappointment.

I’d do anything to get of this

Condemning silence

Thirteen Ways

Word count: 358

Warning: No warning.

One. The sun is dim compared to

The light of your smile. It melts my heart

In the best of ways, all it takes

Is just one smile to make me sway.


Two. You carry a happiness I wouldn’t

Dare to dream of having. You make me

Sick, and yet it was frighteningly quick,

How fast I fell for someone I clearly don’t



Three. Your patience is short.

Your temper even shorter, I’d never

Thought I’d meet someone as mad as me,

As sad as me. Is this some sick twist of fate?

Are you really my destiny?


Four. You make me want to be

A better woman. You make me

Smile, laugh,

Cry, and scream without even trying.

Am I dying? Is this what love feels like?

I haven’t felt love since I was a child,

It’s wild how easily you unravel

The past I’ve kept shrouded in mystery.


Five. Stop breaking down my walls.

The longer you’re here, the farther

I fall.

You make me weak in the knees,

You make me smile and laugh,

And damn it, how am I supposed to be

Intimidating if I’m happy all the time?!


Six. I’ve never been good at comforting.

You think it’s your fault, but my darling,

There are things we can’t prevent,

People we can’t protect, no matter how hard

We try.

You were there when I needed you most.

So now I’m here, when you need me most.


Seven. Your smile isn’t light anymore.

You sway in between grief and depression

And it melts my heart in the worst

Of ways.

You carry a sadness that’s all too

Familiar to me, and I don’t know what to do.


Eight. I see more of me in you.

I wish I knew how to make you better.


Nine. Finally, you let me in.

I’m sorry. The hurt stings for a while,

But you have to move on.

I’ll be by your side,

Every step of the way.


Ten. I love you more than words can speak.


Twelve. So much more than in just thirteen ways.


Thirteen. I can’t wait to spend all my days loving you.


The Kissing Hand

Word Count: 53

Warning: No warning.

A nighttime tradition,

Curling up to your side

Listening to your soothing,

Animated voice as I fell in love

With what became my favorite childhood book.

Chester The Racoon, an entity not unlike myself,

With such a sweet demeanor,

And slightly concerning separation anxiety,

The love we share for our mothers

Is unparalleled